Wednesday, January 18, 2006


o2 Michigan
is a proud participant in the international movement toward the creation of places, environments and products that support humane and ecologically sustainable* lifestyles. We strongly believe that environmental and social impacts must be integrated with traditionally respected design considerations (including economic, aesthetic and functional). o2 Michigan is a network, meeting point, and clearing house created to support the thoughtful conceptualization, innovative development, and practical solutions to sustainability issues.

*"sustainable" here, based on commonly held definitions of "sustainable development", means to act in a way that will not destroy natural systems that species (human or non-human) directly or indirectly depend on for survival now and in the future. This orientation must also include fair and equitable treatment of fellow human beings.

some keywords: ecological design, ecodesign, sustainable design, sustainable architecture, green architecture, green building, green design, urban ecology, environmental justice, permaculture, sustainable systems, industrial ecology, landscape ecology, Design for the Environment (DfE), Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (EBM), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Product Stewardship, Sustainable Development.


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What a mission!


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