Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Leopold Bros. to Close in June

As posted on the blog Ann Arbor Is Overrated:
Leopold Bros., the frequent venue for Green Drinks, will be closing and moving its operations to Denver this summer.
Our lease expires in the summer, and shockingly (note heavy sarcasm), our landlords asked for an obscene amount per month in rent, so we’re done. This move has zero to do with the economy, or sales levels, as we are coming off of our strongest year of sales at the pub since we’ve been open. We moved here in 1998, and since that time our rent has tripled, and our new landlords want even more... because, of course, that’s what the market will bear.

According to Todd, the distilling operations will be moving in the spring, and the bar itself will close a few months later.

More discussion and information at Ann Arbor Is Overrated (where Todd Leopold is a regular).


At 2/19/2008 9:35 PM, Anonymous Eric Hughes said...

To Bad Leopold Bros. is closing we just have our GLREA (Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association)annual meeting there.


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