Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "Real" Ann Arbor / Detroit Commuter Train?

I am not sure everyone noticed, but in the latest post on the O2 listserve by Megan Owens of TRU, she linked to the story about progress being made in developing a commuter line on the existing Amtrak lines. I was reminded of the blog post about the "Lurid" green grass Monorail line planned for the same line from Philip (back in February). Anyway, the Amtrak plan to be more of a possibility .... although I personally vote that all ribbon cuttings should happen AFTER projects are actually completed! Here is some info:

Commuter train updates - SEMCOG video on AA-Detroit

Plans to develop a commuter train from Detroit to Metro Airport and Ann Arbor continue. There isn’t a lot of new news, but there is an interesting new video summarizing the project on SEMCOG’s website (and on YouTube). Check it out!


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