Thursday, February 16, 2006

Examples of Sustainable Food Systems?

I plan on attending the Building a Better Food System in Southeast Michigan conference since designing agriculture and food systems that are more sustainable is an interst of mine. I was wondering if anyone had specific examples of food systems that begin to approach sustainability - anywhere in the world at whatever scale? Please comment.

new sustainable events calendar

An o2 Michigan member and some others have launched Great Lakes Green. We think this is a fabulous idea - "one stop shopping" at the ultimate calendar for all events in the region relevant to the diverse components of sustainability. We certainly will be posting our future events there. Check it out and start submiting events.

Modern Day Treehuggers

Treehugger is a blog definitely worth your perusal. It is certainly growing in the number of readers. The diversity of posts (and comments), generally all with a sustainable design element, continues to impress.

Greg Vendena (o2 Michigan founder) and his colleagues at co-lab* were featured in a post this month and Tiffany Threadgould / Tiffany Tomato Designs (o2 Michigan co-founder) was featured in a post last year. So we know treehugger has good taste.