Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Drinks Wednesday

JOIN O2 MICHIGAN FOR GREEN DRINKS at Leopold Bros. on Main Street in Ann Arbor this Wednesday, September 19th, 7:30pm.

Attention sustainable design and sustainability junkies, it's the third wednesday of the month, so it's time for Green Drinks. Come meet up with a diverse cross-section of folks interested in all things green. Newcomers of every discipline are welcome. Look for the O2 Michigan/Green Drinks T-shirts (T-shirt owners were your shirt)!


Leopold Bros.
523 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

----> meet up, talk, share ideas, hatch or incubate projects, relax,
have fun

----> we will discuss The 11th Hour film, the upcoming Bioneers conference,
and brainstorm other events for the upcoming year

----> help us advertise, wear or pick up your very own Made in the USA
organic cotton O2 Michigan / Green Drinks t-shirt


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tour de Fresh and Hope's Harvest

Growing Hope is having a wonderful tour tomorrow of some of what they've been doing. The weather looks great for this Tour de Fresh event. They are also having a fundraiser, Hope's Harvest, this coming Sunday at Cobblestone Farm. Lots of good local food and drinks put together by local chefs - I for one and certainly going to partake.

The 11th Hour: Movie Review

In a nutshell, the 11th Hour film is a must see. It is a nicely compiled and edited film that fairly simply makes the point that we need to re-think, re-design, and transition from living off of ancient sunlight back to living more off of current sunlight while using technology wisely. And it reinforces that we should all continue ramping up the green things we do individually as well as holding politicians accountable all the while voting with our pocket books and choices. Sure, for some, this is preaching to the choir but you should see it anyway so you can internalize the message this film has finely honed and continue spreading the good word.