Monday, October 15, 2007

Green Drinks Wednesday, October 17

JOIN O2 MICHIGAN FOR GREEN DRINKS at Leopold Bros. on Main Street in Ann Arbor this Wednesday, October 17th, 7:30pm.

Attention sustainable design and sustainability junkies, it's the third wednesday of the month, so it's time for Green Drinks. Come meet up with a diverse cross-section of folks interested in all things green. Newcomers of every discipline are welcome. Look for the O2 Michigan/Green Drinks T-shirts (T-shirt owners were your shirt)!


Leopold Bros.
523 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

----> meet up, talk, share ideas, hatch or incubate projects, relax,
have fun

----> we will discuss a mini-sustainability project idea that has been proposed by an O2 member, in addition to discussing the upcoming Bioneers conference

----> help us advertise, wear or pick up your very own Made in the USA
organic cotton O2 Michigan / Green Drinks t-shirt


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