Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June Green Drinks will be in July;)

Hi Everyone, our blog is working again!

Special Summertime Outdoor GREEN DRINKS:
Tuesday, July 1st, 8pm onward
Ann Arbor Summer Festival's "Top of the Park"
(in front of the Rackham Building on U of M central campus)

O2-Michigan invites you to a special summertime outdoor GREEN DRINKS Tueaday, July 1st at Ann Arbor Summer Festival's "Top of the Park", located in front of the Rackham Building on the central campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. From the festival schedule, that evening is "planetTOP: Top of the Park gets green with a variety of eco-friendly demonstrations and activities." So come early to show your support for "planetTOP" and then beginning at 8pm look for O2-Michigan/Green Drinks folks gathering in the rear of the beer garden (look for o2-Michigan/Green Drinks t-shirts and/or signs!).

Pass this invite along and we'll see you there for a fun evening!

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